2015 Queen


My name is Kasey Renfro, Iím nineteen, and I have been riding for eleven years. Throughout those eleven years I have ridden many horses, however the horse that has touched me the greatestÖ is my beautiful, strong, and courageous horse CJ. I have worked with him for three out of his six years, and this past year I won         EhCapa Queen on him.

                I started out riding in the club as a nervous, unsure 15 year old girl, with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.) My first EhCapa horse was very patient with me, and he helped me learn a lot about bareback, and what it took to be able to call myself an EhCapa Bareback Rider. He taught me that before I could jump, I needed the muscles to hold myself on. My second year of EhCapa, I started riding CJ. CJ and I have grown up with each other. His mother was my momís personal mare; I have been with CJ since he took his first wobbly steps. It is somehow fitting for me, to undertake the responsibility and honor of being Queen with CJ by my side.

                EhCapa has been my strongest passion for four years, and my strongest dream for eight years. I only hope that Iím able to pass that on this year to everyone who rides side by side with me, and everybody who watches from the stands.


2015 Jr. Princess


2015 Mini Princess


My name is Taylor Stephenson. I am 15 years old and I ride my Tobiano Paint gelding, Boone. This is my fourth year riding with EhCapa, although I have had a love and been riding horses all my life. My first year I rode my Palomino, Sunny. After I lost him, I started riding Boone. He had never done anything like EhCapa before, letís just say he didnít know what to think about it. After a lot of dedication and hard work, Boone and I finally started forming a bond. We ended up making performance and jump team in his first year. Boone is one of the best horses I have ever had a pleasure of owning. Weíve taught each other so much.

Last summer I had an opportunity to compete in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. I trained my 2 year old mustang for three months and ended up winning the competition. I hope to have him ready to join EhCapa by next summer. Besides horses my other passions include: FFA, Cross Country, FCA, and hunting with my dad. I also have danced for 11 years but this will be my first year not dancing.

I am so blessed for all the people I have been surrounded with in EhCapa. Everyone has taught me so much and has helped me further my experience with horses. EhCapa has become a second family to me and I love every single person in the club. I hope to teach the riders in the club what the club has taught me. I am so excited to represent a club I love so much as the 2015 EhCapa Junior Princess.

Bio to come